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4DSales…A New Kind of Sales Tool

4DSales™ is a proven, revolutionary tablet-based mobile sales application that will increase your revenue. 4DSales combines the power of visual presentation with the interactivity, simplicity and mobility of an iPad or Windows 8 tablet. Designed by sales executives who understand the needs of business owners, sales managers, salespeople and marketing departments, 4DSales offers your team a powerful way to close more deals faster. Our customers tell us without hesitation that their reps find 4DSales is not only powerful, but is also easy to use. They also say 4DSales helps them close business faster, and that it also has helped them close business they otherwise would not have won.

What is 4DSales like? Check out these videos.

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Overview Demo

4DSales™ has everything you need to move your sales efforts into a whole new dimension. Patent-pending technology so powerful the technology disappears so you can focus on the sale.
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4DSales™ is not only easy to use and elegant, but it can be customized to suit your brand and your personal style. Watch the video to see how you can add your logo, choose your icons, and more.
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Emailing Content

Want to leave some information with your customer when the meeting is over? With 4DSales™ you just select the content you like, and it automatically attaches it to an email it sends to your customer.

Designed by Sales People for Sales People

We have sold our entire careers. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know opportunities present themselves when we least expect it. We know that professional sales people must always be ready. 4DSales was designed to amplify your sales team’s ability, and you should expect more deals, closing faster, without them rolling over on price just to close a deal. Please watch our testimonial videos to hear it for yourselves.

Tablets Allow us to Simplify Complexity

Advances in both Mobile and Tablet technology have enabled 4DSales to build a sales application that is elegant, intuitive, powerful and simple to use. In addition, sales management or marketing can immediately put powerful content in the hands of their entire sales people, at the exact same moment in time, which insures a consistency of story, brand and process. Instead of fighting with technology, we use technology to simplify your sales reps' interaction with customers.

Customers Experience Unintended Benefits

Clients tell us that they have received benefits beyond their initial ROI of one incremental sale per rep per year. We hear comments like: “Our reps are much more likely to ACTUALLY learn about and understand our products, now that they are using 4DSales.” “We can on-board a new rep and make them productive in less than half the time it used to take, now that the content is on 4DSales.” “Our print and distribution costs have been slashed, because it's electronically available on 4DSales."

There’s Much More to Come

We will continue making significant enhancements to 4DSales this year….and the best part…you don’t have to take the opportunity cost hit or the missed ROI by postponing your installation of 4DSales. As more enhancements become available, we will seamlessly upgrade your iPad’s or Windows 8 tablets with new and powerful features. As a sales manager or business owner, you can take all excuses off of the table.

Our Customers are Our Biggest Fans

It's easy for the creator of any product to tell people about how great the product is. But ask customers what they think about a product and you will get the real story. Our customers are so happy with 4DSales they are willing to go in front of the camera and share why they like it. So don't take our word for it...take theirs! We are excited to see how our customers are changing the way they do business with 4DSales. We think you'll be intrigued and excited as well.

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