The sales app designed to create agile and persuasive in-person sales calls.

In Physics the 4th Dimension is Time. In Sales, TIME is the most valuable asset we (ours and the customers) have. 4DSales generates Sales Time.

With the 4DSales app, your sales team will always be prepared to respond quickly and smoothly to any direction the sales call goes. Stop saying "I will get back with you on that," and close more sales today.

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Designed for Sales People, by Sales People

Available for iPad
and Windows 10 Tablet

Everything your customer needs to make a decision - available now

90% of selling content is not accessible at the time of a sales call. 4DSales app puts all of it in one place.

Collateral, catalogs, videos, white papers, presentations, websites — you name it — consolidated into an easily organized, quickly navigated, touchscreen presentation experience.

He sold a quarter of a million dollar job that first time using 4DSales...and he had had a tutorial on it of about 5 minutes.

- Regina Pritchett, Owner – Turf Team
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  • Apple iPad
  • Windows 10 Tablet

Any of your sales content at any moment is only a touch away

The 4DSales app is purposely built to be fast, easy to organize, and access all sales content. Answering questions and presenting solutions without hesitation builds trust and confidence in the sales professional. It says you know your stuff better than anyone else.

We know that the reason we got this business was because of 4DSales...we are convinced that we otherwise would not have gotten the business.

- Rick Bennett, CIO – TD Williamson
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Engage and persuade customers through the use of visuals on a tablet

2/3’s of buyers find visual presentations more persuasive. Customers retain 55% more information when visuals are employed versus speaking alone. With all your visual content cued up and ready to go, your sales team can show more and close more deals rather than just tell.

You instantly can go to a solution for a client or prospect. That’s the moment of truth. That’s what makes this application so valuable.

- Steve Sturges, Owner/Creative Director – VI Marketing & Branding
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  • Burnett
  • Turf Team

Finally an app your sales
team wants to use

4DSales is easy to use — the older, experienced sales professionals and the young rookies will find it instantly intuitive. They will be able to immediately solve more problems and close more deals faster. Because your entire team will embrace it, all of your sales representatives will be similarly prepared and equipped in their sales calls.

When I first saw 4DSales the word that came to mind was Wow! Truly it was like the pages were jumping off of the screen...It has brought a level of professionalism into meetings that we did not have in the past.

- Shannan Beeler, President – Junior Achievement of Oklahoma
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Shortening the sales cycle
increases revenue

Customers are frazzled and they have less time to spend with you. Having the right information at the right time matters more than ever.

4D empowers sales professionals to seize every opportunity to win business in face-to-face sales calls.

It truly does differentiate our company to our suppliers and to our clients.

- Tim Lewis, VP of Sales – Canada Company
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