Join the 4DSales team as we break into
cities across the country

Why we are hiring

Our patent-pending technology is already making a splash with sales teams of all sizes in all sorts of different industries. Our users are selling more and closing deals faster. Now, 4DSales is expanding into new territories which means big opportunities in untapped markets.

Open Positions

  • Dallas, TX - Sales Executive
  • Houston, TX - Sales Executive
  • Chicago, IL - Sales Executive
  • Atlanta, GA - Sales Executive
  • St. Louis, MO - Sales Executive
  • Kansas City, MO - Sales Executive
  • Denver, CO - Sales Executive
  • Phoenix, AZ - Sales Executive

Are you somone we can’t live without?
Even if your city isn’t listed we are always looking for extraordinary sales professionals. Please apply.

Can you fill the
ultimate sales role?

The decision to adopt 4DSales often resides with C-Level executives and requires support from high-level managers of sales teams. In other words, you will sell to the best.

You will advise these sales leaders on how their choice and use of sales tools can significantly impact their bottom line. If you enjoy learning and solving problems, you’ll find this opportunity exciting and highly rewarding.

What you should be

What you should have

  • College Degree
  • Comfort with Technology
  • A Proven Track Record
  • B2B Experience
    3+ Years of Sales Experience

Our Promise

Coaching. We are sales executives and coaches with over 80 years of experience in building technology and national sales teams. You will be superbly trained in the intricate aspects of selling and business principles in order to become a valued coach and advisor to your customers.

Culture. We want you to innovate. We will learn as much from what you are doing as you will from us. Our culture is collaborative, creative, and supportive. You will play a significant role on the team that is setting out to do something big for clients and their customers.

Personal growth. The close mentoring, state-of-the-art sales education, and networking with top-level sales executives will take you from a good sales person to a great one.

What's in it for you:


Sold as a SaaS subscription, 4DSales offers opportunities to make money both through initial sales and recurring renewals. You build an ongoing book of business.

Your Work

The opportunities and challenges will be thrilling. Every day is a new chance to make something big happen. You will have fun.

Your Career

4DSales is a disruptive technology that can be adopted by any sales team. Besides the economic opportunity, the chance to grow your career, add to and sharpen your skills, and develop personally is tremendous.