The Features

The sales call has changed. Today, they are usually unpredictable and not linear. This means the salespeople, who are prepared to go anywhere in their calls and can do so with the most persuasive content possible, will close more deals faster.

Every feature of 4DSales is thoughtfully designed to help make you or your sales team more agile and persuasive — from day one. Check out some of the key features of 4DSales.

Built for All
Types of Content

You can load nearly any type of digital content into your 4DSales app. This includes videos, audio files, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, websites, images, web apps, 3D models, and more.

Easy to Setup
and Load Content

Easily load content in 4DSales. Simply tap the screen to load a wide variety of content from numerous sources, including Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, and others. Prefer to load it through a web interface? We’ve got that too. In every case our powerful technology makes your life easy by automatically creating images and names for the content you load.

Organized and
Always Ready

We make it easy to keep all this content organized. Our icons are like filing drawers. You name them and decide what goes into them. When you tap an icon, our carousel style gallery allows you to use one finger to quickly navigate the content.


4DSales allows you to quickly customize the look of the app for your brand. Put your logo on the homescreen. Change the background to match your brand standards. Modify the shape and color of the icons — all to convey and fit your brand.

Cross Platform

4DSales can be used with the iPad and Windows 10 tablets. A number of our customers use both iPad and Windows 10 to deliver 4DSales.


4DSales was designed so that all the content resides on the tablet and not in the cloud. There is no need for a network connection—a cell signal or WiFi—to retrieve your content. And this ensures that all your content loads in a snap.

Instantly Share
In Meetings

“Can you send that to me?” With 4DSales, when your customer asks for something they have seen, your answer will always be “just sent it.” Email any of your content directly to your customers right when they ask for it.


Just type in keywords into our search bar and 4DSales will immediately display the relevant content. You will never fumble around looking for something you know is there.


One finger is all it takes to operate. There is no learning curve. Your sales team will be able to pick up their tablets and start using them to sell and close deals right away.


Because 4DSales allows you to go fully digital, you will spend less on printing costs and save quite a few trees. Your sales team will always have the the most up-to-date information available.


New content is automatically uploaded to all tablets so sales reps always have the latest and greatest. A notification alerts them to anything new that comes their way.


4DSales provides you the power of Google Analytics to know what content is being used by your sales team. You can use these insights to finally understand what content creates the highest ROI and share what works with your team.


4DSales allows you to interleave all content types in a single presentation. Flip from PowerPoint slides to video to images to active websites and more. Connect your tablet to a projector or HD monitor to present to a larger audience. Automatically loop through content at a tradeshow. Your phone can also be used as a clicker to advance through your content.

Individual Content

While your team will all have the same up-to-date content available on their tablets, individuals can easily upload just to their own tablet, such as a custom presentation for a prospect.

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