Our Founders

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Brian Carpenter, CEO

Brian has led some of the finest sales and marketing organizations in the world, making his mark at IBM, Hitachi Data Systems, The Sabre Group and the Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group. He is now dedicated to improving the performance of sales teams through innovative training and technology.

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Mike Ishmael, CTO

Through his combined 3 decades of sales experience and technical expertise, Mike has led the implementation of mobile applications at numerous companies. This includes implementations at some of the biggest players in the mobile industry such as Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T. He's especially proud that users actually enjoy using his applications.

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Doug Tatum, CRO

Doug brings 25 plus years of sales leadership experience to 4DSales. During his time at IBM, he successfully led a nation-wide effort to implement sales technology that increased new business sales team revenue performance. He passionately believes that equipped and prepared sales teams are the difference makers for any successful business.

Our Story

What motivates us is the same thing that motivates you…doing a high quality job, making a great sales call, and closing the sale. But successfully closing the sale is getting more and more difficult. Technology empowers customers to be informed about you, your offerings and their available alternatives. Sometimes the information they find is correct, and sometimes it isn’t. Either way you have to deal with it. Customers have far less time to understand the facts or to spend time with you. Competitors are fierce, empowered and seem to always have a lower price.

At 4DSales™ we really do understand the struggles of sales people, because we are sales people. And because we are sales people, we know what is involved in presenting your company and solutions to customers and potential customers in a way that stands out. With over 80 years of experience in sales and sales leadership at IBM, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group, The Sabre Group, Esker Software, MacroSolve and Hitachi, we designed 4DSales™ to be intuitive for sales professionals to use leveraging visual selling concepts to engage customers on a different level.

We use patent pending-technology on the iPad and Windows 10 tablets to give you a powerful tool that is elegant, engaging and always ready. And best of all, it’s intuitive, easy to use and your customers will view you differently.

Our External Board Members

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Bill Handy

Bill Handy currently leads Schnake Turnbo Frank's Tulsa Region. He is considered an expert in public relations, strategic communications, social media and emerging communication technology. Bill is a past lecturer at Oklahoma State University School of Media and Strategic Communications, where he developed and taught one of the first courses ever offered on the strategic use of social media. In addition, he led an internationally recognized pilot program to determine the iPad’s impact on learning and engagement.

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Joe D. Tippens

Joe D. Tippens has 35 years of experience in private equity, venture capital, derivatives and entrepreneurial operating executive management. He is the founder of Tippens Investments, LLC and Co-founder and Managing Member of Strategic Capital Group, LLC (“SCG”) and SCG Advisors, LLC (“SCGA"). Mr. Tippens was formerly Chairman of the Board of Commodity Capital Group, Inc., co-founder and owner of StadiaNet Sports, and Partner with Merrill Lynch Venture Capital, Inc.

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