Tablet Computers for Sales Professionals: Justifiable and a Competitive Advantage

April 29th, 2014 by admin

Tablet computers are creating substantial advantages for sales professionals and other enterprise departments as PCs are being replaced by iPads and Windows 8 tablets. You and your competition are coping with dynamic sales processes, maximizing return on investment for the sales function and managing an increasing pressure to up-sell and cross-sell. Implementation of mobile technology can help minimize those challenges, while also giving the company a competitive advantage.

Sales management, senior executives and marketing departments are asking five fundamental questions about tablet computing as a sales tool. Below are those areas of interest and links to some sources to assist with answers:

windows8-ipad-adHow fast are the trends shifting from PC to tablets?

What are the proven tablets on the market?

What are the proven applications?

What are the expenses related to tablets?

Who do I trust to help attain ROI?
Our customers tell us that the highest ROI comes from sales presentation management applications and 4DSales ( is the visual selling app that justified their investment.

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