Your Sales People Are Your Brand

April 21st, 2014 by admin

Marketers and executives who create and manage brands have increasing concerns as to whether their sales team is delivering a consistent message while avoiding the ‘used car salesman’ image. In fact one of the things our team at 4DSales hears most often when speaking with the presidents of current clients or prospects is that they aren’t sure what their team is presenting. This is especially concerning when you consider the CMO Council states almost 85% of a company’s brand image is determined by the direct interaction between the sales force and its customers. That’s right…85%!

Econsultancy has recognized this issue and boiled down the solution to three basic awareness steps in their article, Brand Management and Consistency: Is Everyone Singing the Same Song? Their article primarily focuses on a marketing view vs. a sales view. We recommend that sales people pay attention though. The power of your brand, even in a B2B environment, should draw interest from both sales and marketing. In fact, it should interest anybody who has a job related to revenue generation.

An excerpt in this report: ‘In most cases the problem will be a combination of staff not being aware of what they are doing, and the effects that their actions may have on the overall brand. Think of all marketing communications as one part of an extended family. All should look the same, come from the same background and speak with same tone of voice. Internal marketers and external third parties need the correct tools  to allow them to communicate the brand in a consistent way.’

Many of the companies we work with have experienced the same brand consistency challenges as a daily course of business. We have learned to manage consistency with engaging visual selling techniques and easy-to-use tools. One of our existing clients, TD Williamson, discusses the how they leverage technology to enhance their brand consistency through their sales team. This brief two minute video discusses how they are able to achieve this consistency leveraging sales tools. Making sure you have a visually appealing presentation is just part of the solution. Making sure all of your reps have all the content they need all the time is just as important. If they can’t find it, it does you no good.

If you are interested in enhancing your brand messaging through your sales force, we can help you. Drop us an email at or leave a comment on this post. One of our advisors will quickly reach out to you.

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